THE NORTH WATER Trailer (2021) Colin Farrell 

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THE NORTH WATER Trailer (2021) Colin Farrell, Jack O'Connell
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9. 07. 2021





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ThePrivateJoker Před 5 hodinami
zzz wake me when its over
ammatylda Před 10 hodinami
Bruh i thought it was nicolas cage. Kinda dissapointed
jason ross
jason ross Před 20 hodinami
Looks like a cheery watch. Hump day.
Ashton Gleckman
Ashton Gleckman Před 22 hodinami
*The Terror: This Time With Whales*
Sean M
Sean M Před dnem
This looks amazing. But can you please STOP SHOWING THE ENTIRE MOVIE IN THE TRAILER?!?!?!
drive7 Před 2 dny
The book was pretty good. And no, this story has nothing to do with The Terror.
Bee Hive
Bee Hive Před 3 dny
Zero Kelvin was a great movie.
Brian Harder
Brian Harder Před 4 dny
It's curious to see so much drama in a trailer and still have no idea what this is about.
King Richard III
King Richard III Před 5 dny
SAFOUANE. Před 5 dny
Wherever Colin Farrell and Stephen Graham go, i go!
Teacher Charles TV
Teacher Charles TV Před 5 dny
It is one of the oldest old world stories that has survived the reset.
Teacher Charles TV
Teacher Charles TV Před 5 dny
Watch Pocahontas if you like this. Also colin f.
Thomas Před 5 dny
I read the novel and I don't remember any of it.
M Pedro
M Pedro Před 6 dny
Where's that strange "bear" form the Terror?
Sam Před 6 dny
I'm getting Hickey vibes from Colin's character.
Luis Galicia
Luis Galicia Před 7 dny
Colin Farell is coming back strong.
mycenth22 Před 7 dny
I'd take Guy Pierce over Colin Farrell - too schmucky... said acting was just being a mimic...
V PeRK V Před 7 dny
Jack O connell js the next TOM HARDY. He is a great actor. Every movie or series he has been in are A++
Alexis Papageorgiou
Kendra Mills
Kendra Mills Před 5 dny
I respect your comment but there is no one like Hardy lol
G MAN Před 7 dny
LV-426 Devasher
LV-426 Devasher Před 7 dny
Hey another movie about some grunge cats gettin' angry about the ice....z.zz...zzzz......zzzzzz 😴
Duane Vigue
Duane Vigue Před 7 dny
Remember when everyone bitched about the price of cable so we all ditched for Netflix? Now EVERY channel has their own streaming service and its WAAAAY more than cable ever was. Those were the good ole days.
Luke Sammons
Luke Sammons Před 7 dny
Incredible book - highly recommended
Marc Burch
Marc Burch Před 7 dny
The North Water is a great book. I hope the adaptation measures up.
Isaac Ootoova
Isaac Ootoova Před 7 dny
my cousin is in this cool
Stephen Carter
Stephen Carter Před 8 dny
Another feral left piece of lecturing hectoring West-hating tedious trash? I can smell this kind of tripe at 50 yards now. Just make movies that don't trash some aspect of the West, if you can.
czr7j9 Před 8 dny
Looks good but but very similar to The Terror
dylan lovering
dylan lovering Před 8 dny
read the book it is great!
Nicholas Strong
Nicholas Strong Před 8 dny
This man makes so many movies. It’s like “Damn Colin! Can you go away so we can miss you”?
Geoppetto Hosseltoff
I wonder if the movie will be dramatic.
weirdshibainu Před 8 dny
Let me guess. Something unexpected and terrible happens.
Miguel Linares Herrera
The terror creators presents 🤩
Madnessd16 Před 8 dny
My god Colin you have dropped
Rex Cymru レックス・コーマーリー
shocking lack of diversity
MR no one
MR no one Před 8 dny
This looks superb. Ill watch it !
UberDump Před 8 dny
Bloody subtitles for the Americans. lol.
Lorne Hiller
Lorne Hiller Před 8 dny
It better not have captions for UK accents in the actual show...
vitalic Před 8 dny
Where is the diversity? come on its 2021
Midwinter Před 9 dny
Yes, please! Been waiting for a sequel to Master and Commander - this'll do just fine.
Delight Před 9 dny
Wow that looks good.
oncall21 Před 9 dny
Great book!
RoadieTV Před 9 dny
Starring Men with beards lol
Hậu (TT-MAR) Nguyễn Quang
I'm not interested in Farrell's movie, but this could be his best.
kjhanson kjhanson
kjhanson kjhanson Před 8 dny
Youve never seen In Bruges? The Lobster? The killing of a sacred deer?
Adrian Collins
Adrian Collins Před 9 dny
Bearded burley men holding forth - I'm in!
Jack P.
Jack P. Před 9 dny
Brian Před 9 dny
I'm on board
Mike Chrest
Mike Chrest Před 9 dny
Colin Farrell the "mumbler"
This looks great, tbh. Colin Farrell is the real deal and this **** looks intense.
Patrick Tomasso
Patrick Tomasso Před 9 dny
The 2error
freeron jeremy
freeron jeremy Před 9 dny
I'm surprised the movie makers can find enough expanse of ice on the ocean and are allowed to venture and film on it. Then again maybe they turned a frozen lake into a movie set?
Denis Sytmen
Denis Sytmen Před 7 dny
nope it was the real deal. it was in greenland. I was on this ship this past weeks.
Ronnie Marks
Ronnie Marks Před 9 dny
TinaQueenB Před 9 dny
goddammm Jack and Colin looks good!!!!!!!!!
KiloWhat Před 9 dny
Dread Hunger, the movie.
abider1 Před 9 dny
Behold the man 😉
Johnny Wooters
Johnny Wooters Před 9 dny
Colin Farrell is underrated
IT Před 9 dny
Was this story on the bbc once ?? Had a big monster bear in it as well ?
L.Roy Před 9 dny
After the pandemic... the last thing we need to see... is depressed people
kingdom come
kingdom come Před 8 dny
Perspective is always a good thing to have.
Google Account
Google Account Před 9 dny
I'm glad they provided subtitles for us Americans who might not understand Queen's English 🙄
Andrew Tunstall
Andrew Tunstall Před 8 dny
I´m deaf. The subtitles are for me.
K M Před 9 dny
Gabriel Před 10 dny
Read the book. So cruel and intense
PrimeTime 21
PrimeTime 21 Před 10 dny
Looks dumb
Matt Neal
Matt Neal Před 10 dny
I thought this said Will Ferrell and I kept waiting for something funny to happen. Clearly I need to read more carefully
PropensityToward Před 10 dny
The book is PHENOMENAL! Can't wait for this!
Lucky 13
Lucky 13 Před 10 dny
Nice finally, got something good coming
Katerina Vialpando
Katerina Vialpando Před 10 dny
I feel like this is an extended, whalers edition of the lighthouse
Öndgaldr Ganainm
Öndgaldr Ganainm Před 2 dny
Ondine II
David Reed
David Reed Před 4 dny
Yer fond of me lobster, ain't ye?
Lanny Před 10 dny
is this a series or movie
jezieltzouro Před 10 dny
The terror
General Consensus
General Consensus Před 10 dny
Looks horrible
Get Ghost
Get Ghost Před 10 dny
The first 50-70 pages of this book are brutal.
Big Boomer
Big Boomer Před 10 dny
It's hysterical that somebody at the studio thought they needed subtitles for English accents.. 🙄
Omar Subervi Noboa
Omar Subervi Noboa Před 10 dny
Is this a movie or a series?
David Childress
David Childress Před 10 dny
LOVE anything with Colin Farrell in it. One of my favorite actors... a damned good one!
leandro cambuta
leandro cambuta Před 10 dny
AMC + ? What's AMC + ? The way there are so many streaming platforms just popping
David W
David W Před 5 dny
It’s stupid. You have to have the app to watch. I’m not paying to watch when I have AMC with CScamera tv. Just put it on there.
JustTrollingAlong Před 10 dny
Colin Ferrell sure is getting around this year.
Ben Hulme
Ben Hulme Před 10 dny
This book is amazing. I hope the film is as good
Carlos Silvério
Carlos Silvério Před 10 dny
is this the terror 2?
Jack Burton
Jack Burton Před 10 dny
Poor man's The Terror
Matthew James
Matthew James Před 10 dny
I can't wait to SEA this . 🤣🤣🤣 WOW I'm actually hillllllll-arious 🤪😅
Matthew James
Matthew James Před 7 dny
@scentless apprentice 😂😂😂😂
scentless apprentice
Hi Matthew and thanks for taking the time to enjoy CScamera! We hope we've lived up to all of you're expectations as far as social platforms go. Unfortunately, due to you're current comment, we will be revoking you're CScamera account for the next 20 years. We apologize for any inconvenience this may of caused you.
Chris Davies
Chris Davies Před 10 dny
Looks just like a copy of the BBC series 'The Horror'
Fouad Alhadi
Fouad Alhadi Před 10 dny
I can't wait ☺️ Looks like this one on another level,
Stephen Carter
Stephen Carter Před 8 dny
I can wait. Preferably decades.
whatchinmewatchu Před 10 dny
I smell a stinker.. this movie will suck. I couldn't even watch the whole trailer
Hongbang dynasty
Hongbang dynasty Před 10 dny
Love these types of trailers, saves me from watching the whole movie.
PropensityToward Před 10 dny
The trailer doesn't even cover a fraction of the first fifth of the book lol.
NorthSide Před 10 dny
tree huggers are not going to like this one.
Walker Dollahon
Walker Dollahon Před 10 dny
When does Captain Aubrey make an appearance??
heyheyhophop Před 10 dny
With harpoon in mah icy hands, lads!
private confidential
a very ambitious film to make
Blade - Thing 2090
Blade - Thing 2090 Před 10 dny
Not for vegans or whacko animal rightists. lol
c u in Lumbridge kid
BIG fucking yes from me.
john adair
john adair Před 11 dny
Subtitles for the yanks ?
Quantum Shhhart
Quantum Shhhart Před 11 dny
let me guess: One whiny ass small man, stuck with a crew of stronger dudes poisoned by their ego. SEEN IT
WildNCrazyGuy Před 11 dny
Tadicuslegion78 Před 11 dny
"Who are you?" "Captain Francis Crozier, You should leave....NOW"
Jonathan Schmidt
Jonathan Schmidt Před 6 dny
You'd enjoy this. Last year a U.S. Aircraft Carrier was rapidly succumbing to Covid Virus. The desperate captain disobeyed direct orders, broke with the fleet and set his crew off at a remote outpost. He only lost 1 soul. The captain's name was Crozier.
Jesse Mcgibbon
Jesse Mcgibbon Před 11 dny
Next time on "a typical day in Canada "
Pryme Kut
Pryme Kut Před 11 dny
Stephen Graham is one of the best actors in the game.
SAFOUANE. Před 5 dny
Yes. Soooo underrated
Tony Lee Bruce
Tony Lee Bruce Před 7 dny
So is Jack O'Connell
David Long
David Long Před 11 dny
so its basically The Terror a year later without the magic bear
Arsh Bhatti
Arsh Bhatti Před 11 dny
Vibes of terror season 3
Len Martin
Len Martin Před 11 dny
Needs Daniel Day Lewis...
Saved For More
Saved For More Před 11 dny
A novel by Ian McGuire
laxmannate07 Před 11 dny
Looks good af
Ash Před 11 dny
I'm in.
Ryan Prevost
Ryan Prevost Před 11 dny
This Looks AWESOME!
wolfhoundd Před 11 dny
That shout at the beginning sounds like "ku$waaaa" :DD
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