SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE Trailer (2021) Oscar Isaac, Jessica Chastain 

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SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE Trailer (2021) Oscar Isaac, Jessica Chastain
© 2021 - HBO

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8. 07. 2021





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Jeff T
Jeff T Před 13 dny
"An HBO ORIGINAL limited series." Five seconds later: "Based on the acclaimed drama."
Skye Kahoali'i
Skye Kahoali'i Před 14 dny
I think I remember the seeing the original with Liv Ullman? Powerful.
BhuRox Před 14 dny
Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain ❤️ Don't they belong together. 🥺🥺
Luke William
Luke William Před 14 dny
eh. For me, this comes across as a little bit pretentious. I don't know, is it the over-used 'trailer playing over a character singing' to his daughter? The clips of 'dramatic' husband/wife arguments? Two unrelatably, ridiculously good looking people playing an average husband/wife? I honestly don't know, it just doesn't work for me. Hopefully, I'll be pleasantly surprised.
Luke William
Luke William Před 4 dny
@Gabriel Blanco Exactly.
Gabriel Blanco
Gabriel Blanco Před 7 dny
you just nailed it! I was thinking the same thing... 'this is us" any one... too cliche! I mean... yeah I get it... Bergman, genius! yes, but ..other time and other society... but this is a bit pretentious.. as it is with all these series or movies with the same topic. I mean: c'mon they don't have a single flaw, that is why they have that existential crisis! LOL hope I am wrong! Love the actors that is for sure. Also a big fun of Bergman. He was a maverick!
benjamin bjørklund
benjamin bjørklund Před 14 dny
Bergman is without a doubt the greatest filmmaker in history, his creativity is so far beyond what even the greats as kurosawa and tarkovsky did, that i doubt we will ever se an artist as him ever again. And the man himself was just as fascinating. I highly recommend BBCs docuseries on Bergman. What he managed to do in the year 1957 is nothing but insane.
Andrew Ramos
Andrew Ramos Před 14 dny
Marriage story copy
Tony G
Tony G Před 15 dny
I’ll just record my wife and I if I want to watch a drama based on marital issues
Mike Wittig
Mike Wittig Před 15 dny
Two of the best actors out there.
Ingat Isaac Osman
GTS MEG Před 15 dny
What a waste
Sheikh Salman
Sheikh Salman Před 15 dny
Ruza Roos
Ruza Roos Před 15 dny
The boring version of the couple from a *A Most Violent Year* 🤣
Mo Fan
Mo Fan Před 15 dny
Look so good
Amplified Entertainment
Daddy and kid stuff
Not so pretty princess Maria
Just Alice in wonderland , that’s it
Jagriti Yadav
Jagriti Yadav Před 15 dny
Amplified Entertainment
Lol.. 😇😇 interesting
Not so pretty princess Maria
Just creeps
Ethan Lecter
Ethan Lecter Před 15 dny
🤮will not outperform the original
Michael Thomsen
Michael Thomsen Před 15 dny
@bhargav It's a remake of a Swedish language Ingmar Bergman series from the 1970s.
bhargav Před 15 dny
There is an original?
aarswft Před 15 dny
Um, yes please.
Prachi Pal
Prachi Pal Před 15 dny
Logan Murdock
Logan Murdock Před 15 dny
Anything Oscar Isaac and I'm in..Can't wait to see him as Moon Knight
Mehmet Taraman
Mehmet Taraman Před 15 dny
@Logan Murdock imma be honest I think he gunna knock it out the park I just felt being weird 😭
Logan Murdock
Logan Murdock Před 15 dny
@Mehmet Taraman Not feeling him as Moon Knight?
Mehmet Taraman
Mehmet Taraman Před 15 dny
Naw broski naw
IKEMEN Osaka-ben!【大阪弁】
Omg HBO produces quality films
Moumita sankar das
Moumita sankar das Před 15 dny
Chyro Před 15 dny
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher Před 15 dny
Nathaniel Turner
Nathaniel Turner Před 15 dny
I'm first
my dream came true.
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