THE LAST DUEL Trailer (2021) 

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THE LAST DUEL Trailer (2021) Adam Driver, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Jodie Comer, Ridley Scott
© 2021 - 20th Century Studios

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20. 07. 2021





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Micah Brown
Micah Brown Před hodinou
Ok I'm sorry but an epic medieval fight movie with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon just cannot be taken seriously
Andy Chia
Andy Chia Před 2 hodinami
Ridley Scott gave us Kingdom of Heaven... So I will definitely support this movie.
kimskis Před 3 hodinami
Scott back to his roots at directing historical epic dramas...which he was always great at! Can't wait
George Ralph
George Ralph Před 3 hodinami
I already found this movie in that random DVD bin in the middle of the aisle at Walmart next to the rotisserie chickens.
Joboo Luvs
Joboo Luvs Před 5 hodinami
I’m Matt Damon 🥴
Not a Person
Not a Person Před 5 hodinami
100% here for feminist movies disguised as action movies
Prince Blake
Prince Blake Před 6 hodinami
she lying....
AdirondackBuzzard Před 6 hodinami
Wow, so this is a film about Kylo Ren's great-great-great grandfather?
James Keegan
James Keegan Před 6 hodinami
This about the woman from the Duke Lacross party?
Dazzler9966 Před 7 hodinami
No way you package a Damon/Affleck period piece without a bookend big name director and super talent actor. Ben and Matt are distracting...we're all going to see it though
Ramiro Antonio Pohle
Ramiro Antonio Pohle Před 8 hodinami
Medieval feminism, great
Eddie Wheeler
Eddie Wheeler Před 8 hodinami
Ben afleck looking like the owl from sword in the stone.
Travis Jason
Travis Jason Před 8 hodinami
This kinda gives it the 2001 Troy vibe
Sean Dwyer
Sean Dwyer Před 9 hodinami
Yes please!
Dolinschi Alexandru
Dolinschi Alexandru Před 9 hodinami
Oh my lord well this is a movie i wanna see!
John Bradshaw
John Bradshaw Před 10 hodinami
So medieval times have gone woke. Terrific 👎😑
Harry M
Harry M Před 10 hodinami
After alien covenant I’ll be staying cautiously optimistic with this one
Jorge Gomez
Jorge Gomez Před 11 hodinami
they should more movies about the templars
Shark Tooth
Shark Tooth Před 11 hodinami
Still Jason
Marlow Kaplan
Marlow Kaplan Před 11 hodinami
Damon and Afleck are undercover CIA agents paid to deceive you
Lakeside Massive
Lakeside Massive Před 12 hodinami
Jesus Christ it's Jason Bourne
Michael Chalmandrier-Perna
Michael Chalmandrier-Perna Před 13 hodinami
they are not even trying to do the accents...
didikaramba Před 14 hodinami
Do not allow yourselves to be fooled. In the actual movie, Adam Driver will be played by Jimmy Kimmel.
Varde Před 14 hodinami
Finally a trailer that dos not show the whole move plot :). Looking forward to this !!!
Raoul Blackburn
Raoul Blackburn Před 15 hodinami
When will Excalibur be made!?
Ed Mann
Ed Mann Před 17 hodinami
Looks good. But how about dem accents "One of us has lied, let us let GAD decide"
Stephen Jenkins
Stephen Jenkins Před 17 hodinami
I generally like Damon and Affleck in most things, but I have to say they seem grossly miscast in this. The movie looks good and I'll give it a chance....I'm just concerned that those two will end up taking me out of it.
Rocket Man
Rocket Man Před 17 hodinami
I didn’t see any women in armor or men pretending to be women or race swapped characters. Maybe it’s worth watching . . . unless it’s a story about the patriarchy.
Manuel Orbea
Manuel Orbea Před 17 hodinami
Good american accent for medieval movie!
Jax Balibrea
Jax Balibrea Před 17 hodinami
I sawr you wit her in the bahr last week you raphhhedd hur, you was wearing blue khakis while trying to find your khar keys. - Ben Affleck Count of France
waleed zayan
waleed zayan Před 18 hodinami
That will be good appetizers before house of the dragon
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor Před 18 hodinami
How woke can you go! How woke can you go!
Paul Miller
Paul Miller Před 18 hodinami
Hopefully we will finally know how he liked dem apples.
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson Před 19 hodinami
Why do these movies always stylize the amour and costumes. It's not fucking Games of Thrones!
AdamW_Parker Před 19 hodinami
Albert Walter
Albert Walter Před 20 hodinami
All Hail King Ben of Batshire!
Adam Carlson
Adam Carlson Před 20 hodinami
This looks horrible and I haven’t finished the trailer. The last “true story” Matt Damon did was The Great Wall. #JustSayin
Pak De
Pak De Před 21 hodinou
I guessing very loosely based on a story
R J Před 21 hodinou
If Matt Damon is there Ben Affleck is also there.
GAII Před 21 hodinou
all over some chick.. sigh...smh
Dylan Manov
Dylan Manov Před 22 hodinami
This Dogma prequel looks alrighttt
Steve D.
Steve D. Před 22 hodinami
Misu Gaho
Misu Gaho Před 22 hodinami
Looks promising. Let's gooo
Ick Villiams
Ick Villiams Před 23 hodinami
Looks like another inevitable crime against history but ok
Rajiv Thomas
Rajiv Thomas Před 23 hodinami
Take more movies on the crusades.
JC Games
JC Games Před dnem
OptimusD Před dnem
They fucked up with the trailer, possibly, if she is to be burnt alive it means Matt lost the duel, thanks for that.
Jsph Vrnt
Jsph Vrnt Před dnem
At last ! I've been waiting for this trailer for months, and it did not disappoint ;-)
Bavarian Car Enthusiast
WOW - that's a surprise, didn't hear about this movie coming.....great one!
Nick Whalley
Nick Whalley Před dnem
Matt Damon seems to be turning into Jim Davidson.
Harry Sven Cottar
Imagine being called like “we got another helmet role...u in?!”
jason ross
jason ross Před dnem
Remo Před dnem
sTrOnG wOmEn
Ted Dibiase
Ted Dibiase Před dnem
That’s Jason Bourne.
Azazael Ares
Azazael Ares Před dnem
This movie should be called "Me Too'eth"
Jonathan Kenton
Jonathan Kenton Před 18 hodinami
This needs all the likes.
Justin Miller
Justin Miller Před dnem
If Me Too were a medieval movie
Travis Battles
Travis Battles Před dnem
So the Martian loses and Kylo Ren wins and they burn the hot chick. Trailer told the entire story.
S Ruzario
S Ruzario Před dnem
The first #metoo
viciousme90 Před dnem
i was expecting the crusades but this will do.
Ry Mo
Ry Mo Před dnem
Democrats will probably boycott this movie for the lack of minorities amd trans people in a movie based in medieval England. Democrats destroy everything with nonsense
The Dude
The Dude Před dnem
Theo Von looks great in this
tyler198924 Před dnem
Mike Patton
Mike Patton Před dnem
Japanagans Před dnem
I'm a simple man. I see Adam Driver and I click.
JJ O Před dnem
The film looks really interesting plus Adam Driver is one of the best actors of his generation so will definitely see the movie.
Karl Leib
Karl Leib Před dnem
Wonder if Adam Driver shall wield a weapon he brought from home
Craig Gibson
Craig Gibson Před dnem
What's important here is that Ridley is too busy doing this to molest the Alien franchise any more. I applaud this movie.
Niall Richard Curran
this looks fucking awful...
Now we are talking , Bravooo
Doctor X
Doctor X Před dnem
Any movie with Affleck and Driver both in it will be cringe worthy. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Droglakahn Před dnem
OMG! Matt Damons MULLET is fucking GLORIUS! Im gonna se this movie for this,and this alone, its absolutely beutifull
FRANCISCO Duran Před dnem
I dont know if these two actors can pull off this type of acting......I dont know?,,,??
General Apathy
General Apathy Před dnem
1:15 - Adam Driver: Slams door dramatically - Heavy wooden door: "I'll go at _own_ pace thank you very much".
Indo with Bad english
Everybody waits for vilanelle big role.
Watched that. Next
ATG Beatz
ATG Beatz Před dnem
Ben Afflecks British accent sounds horrible....
ATG Beatz
ATG Beatz Před dnem
Ben Afflecks British accent sounds horrible....
Max Power
Max Power Před dnem
"Good Will Jousting"
Dino Van Hammer
Dino Van Hammer Před dnem
Sports Ace
Sports Ace Před dnem
Duel without an arab warrior is no duel
Tommy Brashares
Tommy Brashares Před dnem
Matt Damn and Ben Affleck??????? WHY???????? I like them both, but bring us some serious british actors please!!!
BONOKI Před dnem
wow. i got chills.
Sweet Gav
Sweet Gav Před dnem
Hate to say this. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are now “Superman”. They’re too big. When I see them I see Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as opposed the characters they’re playing.
Paul Evans
Paul Evans Před dnem
Agree. I have the exact same problem with Tom Cruise.
Chris Cmith
Chris Cmith Před dnem
The defiant romania immuhistochemically notice because felony normally label by a adventurous chemistry. well-off, sloppy jennifer
Mr Vice
Mr Vice Před dnem
Is that king Affleck
Eddie Před dnem
This trailer made me feel so extra manly that I went out and mowed my lawn, painted my garage, built a tree house, banged my wife and her sister, then slew a dragon. Can't wait to see this.
billiey giles
billiey giles Před 8 hodinami
@Eddie 🤨😄
Eddie Před 13 hodinami
@billiey giles oh... Did i forget to mention the speed I took?? My bad :)
billiey giles
billiey giles Před dnem
Sounds more like amphetamines to me. 😆
stefan mihai
stefan mihai Před dnem
where is the full plate armour ??
Serg Kot
Serg Kot Před dnem
wtf? the martian, batman and kylo ren? in middle age? nooooooo
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
Very good
Scott Před dnem
I don't know who looks more ridiculous Ben or Matt
BAPEDA Channel
BAPEDA Channel Před dnem
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Andi Permana
Andi Permana Před dnem
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TheNinjaMarmot Před dnem
Haha Matt Damon and Affleck in a medieval movie. LoL
Wamz Zone
Wamz Zone Před dnem
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Thomas Contreras
Thomas Contreras Před dnem
Kylo Ren sucks
Chris Williams
Chris Williams Před dnem
A 2021 Ridley Scott film. It will look great. And will otherwise be utter bollocks.
Caden Tellis
Caden Tellis Před dnem
elli Před dnem
Adam Driver would be perfect for the role of Souron in Amazon's LOTR. Handsome and canny!! Just perfect!!
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