THE WITCHER Season 2 Trailer (2021) 

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THE WITCHER Season 2 Trailer (2021) Henry Cavill
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9. 07. 2021





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mikesms1 Před dnem
Where are the others
Zoran Bumbar
Zoran Bumbar Před dnem
Nicolas Ferri
Nicolas Ferri Před dnem
Série top
Cat S
Cat S Před dnem
This trailer needs 100 percent more Jaxier...
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Před 13 hodinami
Hvornår starter den på netflix?? When does it start?
Dive Hard Dave
Dive Hard Dave Před dnem
While I wait.. I am just 460 hours into Witcher 3, I haven't even finished half the game. DLC yet to play. Looks like I took side quest too seriously :D
Deepankar Bhagat
Deepankar Bhagat Před dnem
I demand a o'dimm cameo. Please🤞
modlitwaSERCA Před 2 dny
"The Witcher: Old World" is COMING, too... Who waiting?
hen ko
hen ko Před dnem
That training scene was exactly like the games
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Před 2 dny
damn gerlat looks like he's gonna busy this season, hope he has time for gwent tho
Charming nowhere to hide
Geralt: Wind's howling.
Era Lestari
Era Lestari Před 3 dny
i cant wait for this seasoooonnnn ^o^
BlackKiryuu Před 3 dny
I swear, if Geralt doesn't properly apologize to Jaskier, he will be dead for me.
Heather Kinder
Heather Kinder Před 3 dny
Valen Antonov
Valen Antonov Před 3 dny
We can see Vesemir’s back in some scenes
Charming nowhere to hide
Thank god that blonde girl got her some eyebrows
serry ciok
serry ciok Před 4 dny
Why is this show still called The Witcher. when he has less screen time than Ciri in this season. Henry Cavills words.
Purnima Raj
Purnima Raj Před 4 dny
I was just asking myself "Where is Yennefer"..@nd there she was 😁😁👍👍
Rone Kumar Das Das
Rone Kumar Das Das Před 4 dny
The onerous can plausibly announce because pants rapidly lie but a separate click. oceanic, reflective development
Jesphus Před 4 dny
Hvornår starter den på netflix?? When does it start?
Arnulf Tretji
Arnulf Tretji Před 4 dny
Oh man how the first season sucked. I can only imagine how confused people who never played any games or read any books were. Speaking of which, I just returned to my long finished witcher 3 to complete some side quests. Big shoes to fill. If this turns sour, I'm gonna give up on the show.
Willl Patterson
Willl Patterson Před 5 dny
Is no one bothered that he doesn’t have cat eyes
Diana Rácz
Diana Rácz Před 5 dny
I don't really wanna get in movies like this. Look without a sword life could be much more fun.
Diana Rácz
Diana Rácz Před 5 dny
He was so beautiful. He looks like the devil. Hungary is a dangerous place.
Trumpisacrybaby dictator Narcissis
December Jesus Christ guys
Jan Soják
Jan Soják Před 5 dny
Characters in The Witcher 3: Wild hunt game are much better than in movie, Yeneffer does not looks like in book and Triss too...
Wanda Velez
Wanda Velez Před 5 dny
La segunda temporada se ve mejor que la primera😃
Eduardo Bordera
Eduardo Bordera Před 5 dny
Donde esta la hechicera? uno de los personajes mas carismáticos de la 1ª temporada, mención aparte la chica no es interpretada por la misma actriz y si tengo que esperar 1 año para ver la 3ª temporada ni me molesto en ver esta. Esto de poner un año o dos mas tarde una temporada que te deja loco el final, no compensa. Leer los libros, seria una mejor opción y pasar de la serie,, no estoy devaluándola, diciendo si me dejas un final abierto a varias temporadas más y cada temporada es por año, puedes tener 30 y para ver la serie terminarías con 40?
Too Intoxicated To Be Scared
Thank god that blonde girl got her some eyebrows
Matt Owens
Matt Owens Před 6 dny
Let’s hope this time the Witcher shows more of the Witcher and less of the witches. Seems unlikely by the trailers though
Dr Grosse Truie
Dr Grosse Truie Před 6 dny
Too long to wait goddamn ! I cant fuckin remember the first season.
Angry Max
Angry Max Před 6 dny
I don't see Dandelion. I'm not watching this.
Wojtek Wosztyl
Wojtek Wosztyl Před 6 dny
Ok Ciri, we'll train you and teach the other stuff. In any case I'm in a tavern, playing Gwent. But the world's chainging if someone ask
Oli W
Oli W Před 6 dny
That moment where you get to the end of the trailer to be told December!!!
Valravn Před 6 dny
1:32 Goosebumps
pk RAWAT Před 6 dny
Eagerly waiting😍
Thomas Kabat
Thomas Kabat Před 7 dny
Fuck yes.
GD Před 7 dny
Latoya Campbell
Latoya Campbell Před 7 dny
FINALLY ❗❗❗💜💙💚💛🧡❤
mllop aeet
mllop aeet Před 7 dny
Season 2’s gonna be a massacre, I can feel it
gixelz Před 7 dny
Looks like rain.
Elijah Taber
Elijah Taber Před 7 dny
Me: Watches trailer and can't sleep for two days out of pure excitement *Realizes this isn't coming out til Christmas: Cant sleep for another two days out of pure sadness
Hieu Huynh
Hieu Huynh Před 7 dny
I love how Yennifer only appears for that one second at the very end :)
John Coock
John Coock Před 7 dny
Winter is coming hmmm
Beam travels
Beam travels Před 7 dny
This is it. Been waiting for this for too long
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Před 7 dny
"The world is changing.. " Every trailer ever
No Future Productions
I feel it in the air.
Howard Ping
Howard Ping Před 7 dny
Kaer Morhen!!!
Gladie Art
Gladie Art Před 7 dny
Finalllyyyyy! Gosh
Tony Mihut
Tony Mihut Před 8 dny
And not one single "mhmmm"
Cassie Před 8 dny
Okay but Jaskier is a huge reason why I watch the show-he better be there or I'm gonna get bored
Mr Scrofulous
Mr Scrofulous Před 8 dny
Yes, the comic relief he provides is a critical foil Geralt's dour nature, and vital to G's developing humanity.
WORD WIZARD Před 8 dny
He's basically a Deathknight.
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Před 7 dny
It's hard to watch without subtitles
Gambit Před 8 dny
What's taking long...covid?😑here i am wondering what i watched in season 1..
John Doe
John Doe Před 8 dny
Bridget Misic
Bridget Misic Před 8 dny
Wow, still real men out there, that don´t put on make up, do their nails and try to be more feminin than women. 🤮🤮🤢🤢 Geralt looks awesome 🥰🥰
Cassie Před 8 dny
It looks t e r r i b l e.
Mteule Před 8 dny
sofiamurteira Před 8 dny
Can’t wait! Also, Fleet Foxes music on this trailer is perfection 🖤
Louis R
Louis R Před 8 dny
Whoever was responsible for choosing the music for this trailer should be impaled by a pitchfork, buried, dug up again, then fed to the drowners.
BigHonk Před 8 dny
Holy shit at 0:45 they show the swords from the witcher 3
Chris Eagles
Chris Eagles Před 8 dny
We're waiting , that too long
Sterling Lamon
Sterling Lamon Před 8 dny
Henry Cavil is awesome!!!👌🏿✌🏾....
Tasfia Zahin
Tasfia Zahin Před 8 dny
I don't think I am ready for the rush of emotions I am going to have next season when the trailer has already set my heart this enthusiastically aflame
NS Před 9 dny
When i say run...run When i say hide...hide When i say Gwent...So long!!!
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Před 9 dny
So we are all just going to pretend Ciri didnt go from like 12 to 16 in a span of a few days?
Jatin Malik
Jatin Malik Před 9 dny
It's hard to watch without subtitles
Heather Long
Heather Long Před 9 dny
Dang it still have to wait a whole five months for it to Premier. But better in 2021 than in 2022 LOL
Anshika Thakur
Anshika Thakur Před 9 dny
Where is yennifer😥
ABC Před 9 dny
I love it
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Před 9 dny
I'm waiting for long time my all time Fav...
Michael Blair
Michael Blair Před 9 dny
It looks t e r r i b l e.
Kaito KISARAGI Před 9 dny
Rosie martini
Rosie martini Před 9 dny
Will only be watching this for fringilla vigo.
DK Vlogs
DK Vlogs Před 9 dny
epSos.de Před 9 dny
The new Game of Thrones of series. Thx. Netflic !
Nick Evgeniev
Nick Evgeniev Před 3 dny
sorry not even close :(
Ba Goai
Ba Goai Před 7 dny
Thor Jarl Berglund
Thor Jarl Berglund Před 7 dny
far from. Much better
tawire Frankie
tawire Frankie Před 9 dny
His voice 💥gaddamit
Turnpike Foolio
Turnpike Foolio Před 9 dny
How does this video have any dislikes???
Cosmic Serpent
Cosmic Serpent Před 9 dny
Meh, you can tell it's directed by a woman..
hen ko
hen ko Před 9 dny
Yennifer awakes* Hey, you. You’re finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right?
April AeroYT
April AeroYT Před 9 dny
Iss timeeeee
Cowboy Cowboy
Cowboy Cowboy Před 9 dny
I feel like the witcher is taking a backseat to his own story
Mr Scrofulous
Mr Scrofulous Před 6 dny
@Adam Avinger I'm reading on Kindle, and all the books run onto each other, looks like I'm on about page 1237 of 1931. I don't know if that's just of one book, possibly The Tower of the Swallow or of the whole series. It had picked up there for a bit, and then devolved back into endless exposition about trade and politics and I just feel blah blah blah. Gerald is now officially not a witches, his medallion is toast, proving my earlier point about there being precious little witching going forward. Bejeebus, I don't know how much more of this I can take.
Adam Avinger
Adam Avinger Před 6 dny
Reply, to be fair, the last book was a little heavier on the fat vs the meat. Although going into the major Nilfgaard battle and finally getting Cirilla infront of you know who absolutely kept my pages flying at a rapid rate!
Mr Scrofulous
Mr Scrofulous Před 8 dny
@Adam Avinger I don't think I finished the last book. I read sporadically, mainly when I'm away form home working, and I think I went home and gave it a break, and didn't pick it up again. And I read The Silmarillion as a callow youth. I expected to enjoy them more but they were a bit dark. I deal with a lot of bad juju in my line of work, and I like my entertainment to be a bit lighter. The Netflix series had that and I think they did a brilliant job of synthesising a story line out of the short stories.
Adam Avinger
Adam Avinger Před 8 dny
@Mr Scrofulous - uh.... considering i read the entire series twice, i would say there are parts of this that are accurate, and parts that arent. There are parts of the books that COULD have been left out, but if you were paying attention, reconnect both downstream and upstream in meaningful ways. the pearl for instance.... beautifully written in, easy to have missed.... It kept me engaged and wanting to turn the page.... twice.
Mr Scrofulous
Mr Scrofulous Před 9 dny
Well, you better brace yourself laddie, because in the books, there is precious little witching going forward. There are endless battles with Nilfgaard, endless road-tripping and hundreds of pages without any dialogue at all. Gerald is not a participant in any of this, and finds out through endless exposition. The books actually become a bit of a turgid mess, desperately in need of a good editor, and the show-runner for Netflix will be hard pressed to extract a narrative worth watching. The author falls into the trap of telling everything, showing little, rather than obeying "show, don't tell." There is nothing like that remarkable episode where Yennefer is fleeing the assassin, defending her ungrateful charge, demonstrating her power, and yet ultimately failing and the infant in her care dies, bluntly stating her infertility and the pointlessness of her wealth and power, all in the space of a few minutes, without saying a word. I have hopes for The Witcher II, but actually expect to be disappointed, as it becomes dark and war-torn, without any of the light humour and playful interactions of the first season. Instead we get weird erudite conversations between random thugs about trade, diplomacy and other matters of state and endless wars.
Just what we didn’t need
akki jyg
akki jyg Před 9 dny
I'm waiting for long time my all time Fav...
hen ko
hen ko Před 9 dny
the boring liberal 🤡s - real title -👍🏼
Jonas Lindesjö
Jonas Lindesjö Před 9 dny
Awsom just awsom
Anomander Rake
Anomander Rake Před 9 dny
I still have a problem with Geralt's pupils
Twisted Opus
Twisted Opus Před 10 dny
songs are getting better....
Nicole Argent
Nicole Argent Před 10 dny
December?! Too long
Helleye! Před 10 dny
I'll wait until Dec 17 watch it all in 1 day and wait 2 years for season 3
Szymon Przybył
Szymon Przybył Před 10 dny
Ross a coin to tor Ronin. O valley of cherry xddd
علي عبدالزهرة
Wow 👍👍👍👍👍
MrVercettti89 Před 10 dny
MORE CAVIL less women, and if they have to be in it , amke sure Cavil is in all there sceanes
sofold Před 10 dny
Joy mohanto
Joy mohanto Před 10 dny
Release date 22 December. I am wating and you gays
Aquarium Fish & Fishing
Awsam video
P W S Montaż Filmów
Let people learn who The Witcher were, They were Slavs with supernatural abilities !!!! Fame to all Slavic families !!!!!! SŁAWA SŁAWIAŃSKIM RODOM!!!!!!
- Před 10 dny
the boring liberal 🤡s - real title -👍🏼
mc mackun tutorials
mc mackun tutorials Před 10 dny
Where is Yennifer?
rupesh karn
rupesh karn Před 10 dny
After watching this trailer i got remember Hatim Tai😂 indian fantasy tv serial
Libero Bounce
Libero Bounce Před 10 dny
Geralt: Wind's howling.
kitty titania
kitty titania Před 10 dny
Can we have this already.
Wolvain1 Před 10 dny
OMG I cannot wait and OOOOO they showed her sword from the game WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
💞Tracey T💞
💞Tracey T💞 Před 10 dny
Finally the witcher is back 😁
Bart Zed
Bart Zed Před 10 dny
looks like it might be better than the first one
M B Geralds
M B Geralds Před 10 dny
5 more months ..... THIS is torture 😭
Michalina Miercuszkiewicz
Emmanuel Adeyemi
Emmanuel Adeyemi Před 10 dny
December 😡😡😡😡😡😡????
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