CHUCKY Teaser (2021) 

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CHUCKY Teaser (2021) TV Series
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16. 07. 2021





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Bet Nimrod
Bet Nimrod Před 13 hodinami
Let's talk about milking an IP, yes?
Crazy 77
Crazy 77 Před 22 hodinami
So is it rated R or PG-13? 🤔
Bet Nimrod
Bet Nimrod Před 13 hodinami
Neither. It would have a tv rating.
DexterDaDracoToter Před 23 hodinami
When tf will this shit end
Why chucky look like a red headed Karen 💀 😭
TIM CURRAN!!! Před dnem
Is it just me or does Chucky have green eyes in the thumbnail
selfie kroos
selfie kroos Před dnem
Whatever can help me forget the remake
Justin Ordoñez
Justin Ordoñez Před dnem
No entiendo mi maíz tostado los otros comentarios 😂😅
Mehwish Kessar
Mehwish Kessar Před 2 dny
Wait so he changed back into the doll , what happened to nica??
sofia and shania
sofia and shania Před 2 dny
😊 yaaaay
sofia and shania
sofia and shania Před 2 dny
aaron flament
aaron flament Před 3 dny
Brad doriff back as his voice
Kay Copage
Kay Copage Před 3 dny
Bruh I just did a movie marathon all day today and watched them all and now I see this REEEEEEEE 🤩
blake keelo
blake keelo Před 3 dny
Classic child’s play 2 theme serious nostalgia
chippboy1 Před 3 dny
I’m gonna watch this movie when it comes out I’m excited for the new film!
Bet Nimrod
Bet Nimrod Před 13 hodinami
It's a tv show, fool.
Aayla H
Aayla H Před 3 dny
I want to watch this so soooooo bad
Mike Před 3 dny
That classic laugh at the end
Mike Před 3 dny
He Returns
asdf ghjk
asdf ghjk Před 4 dny
stop playing you know I‘m known for the bob 💅🏾💅🏾
Jademoon25 Před 4 dny
Now THIS is a real remake! The Dourif Doll is the real Chucky- not that Child's Play remake shit.
Luke Man
Luke Man Před 4 dny
Bro the chuckster back and not some ass reboot
Aliyu Gusau
Aliyu Gusau Před 4 dny
Lol please Allow Chucky to rest. Useless remakes have been made over and over,And the remakes keeps getting worse.
Nick Guerra
Nick Guerra Před 4 dny
I'm Definitely Watching This On SYFY :)
Myles Mcghee
Myles Mcghee Před 4 dny
Sorry Jack Chucky's Back BABY worthless Child's Play 2019.
DARKLIGHT Před 4 dny
Im so excited
hAk Před 5 dny
Brad Dourif?
Patrick McDaniel
Patrick McDaniel Před 5 dny
Is he going to be voiced by Brad Dourif? That laugh sounds awfully familiar
Pitchydio Před 5 dny
Estará en Netflix ???
Ronan Před 5 dny
Time to have nightmares again.
Michelle Před 5 dny
deadly biker
deadly biker Před 5 dny
He is back Wooohooo!
خالد احمد
خالد احمد Před 5 dny
Is this a series or a movie
Sammy Před 5 dny
I didn't enjoy the last Chucky movie that came out it kinda was boring and meaningless. I HOPE this series is good. Personally I enjoy the Chucky movies. There dumb but like enjoyable if that makes sense. Idk I'm super excited thoooo.
Alan Theus
Alan Theus Před 5 dny
Well it least he not a robot
Ryan C
Ryan C Před 6 dny
Can we all agree the bitrate on 1080 videos on youtube is trash? Honestly look at the artifacts.. Either CScamera needs proper quality 1080 or trailer makers need to upscale to 1440 or even release it @ that or 4K so that when it goers up on youtube it doesn't look like complete ass. The trailer is supposed to SHOW OFF the film, how it it supposed to look good when it's not even remotely near standard Blu-ray quality? THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE!
Pria miskin Jak-sel
Cooper Minion
Cooper Minion Před 5 dny
I thought it was DEMBELLA
William Is Bored
William Is Bored Před 6 dny
Welcome back
msjuicy ツ
msjuicy ツ Před 6 dny
About time 👌🏼
Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan Před 6 dny
They haven't done Chucky justice in 25 years. It's not going to happen...
sab ev
sab ev Před 6 dny
Nyc Nyc
Nyc Nyc Před 6 dny
WASSUP Před 6 dny
Classes chucky way freaking better than all of the chucky movies
Rylie Schulte
Rylie Schulte Před 6 dny
Well this is a new beginning 🤨😱
Sub Zero
Sub Zero Před 6 dny
We want Jason VS Chucky!
Sub Zero Story MORTAL
WOOW Nice 😀👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💯
Corey Byrd
Corey Byrd Před 6 dny
You dont F*ck with the Chuck.
Jagshe Před 6 dny
it’s embarrassing seeing so many people confused whether this is the remake or the OG, it’s literally so obvious which is which
Drink Your Poison
Drink Your Poison Před 4 dny
Its because people in the comments are brain dead idiots who cant figure things out
Jmad0113 Před 6 dny
Chucky bride was hilarious
Wargod Films
Wargod Films Před 6 dny
Hope syfy does it justice still think Netflix Hulu or HBO max should have picked this up
Cooper Minion
Cooper Minion Před 5 dny
Might be bc Chucky is owned by Universal which is the parent company of both USA and SYFY. Since the copyright on the original Child's Play movie hasn't expired Universal gets the 1st say in where Chucky goes
SHUT UP JAMES Před 6 dny
I cant WAIT for this! Heres my reaction 👏 cscamera.info/market/kYOoZ9N8e6TWpWk/video And heres hoping for a full trailer soon! 🤞
Kool Keith Productions
Good to see that this doesn't appear to be connected to the awful recent reboot where Chucky isn't evil, but simply an A.I. controlled doll with it's safely measures turned off. What a joke...
Gillian Day
Gillian Day Před 6 dny
who took the butcher knife? This doll!
RdL Před 6 dny
Chucky, on USA network? That's like if Disney put out Game of Thrones...
I Support
I Support Před 6 dny
I think the Chucky here is kinda healthier maybe because it's been awhile that's why he gain a little weight.
Thewichtarn Proongsak
I love Chucky good guy😆
M i z z - D e a t h
YES YES AND MORE YES!!! The original doll is back and I'm ready 😍😍😍
No One
No One Před 6 dny
not again
cristian peñuela
cristian peñuela Před 6 dny
oh yeah this is my chuky!
Oscar Iñiguez
Oscar Iñiguez Před 6 dny
Cada vez más gel y chafa XD
Rhamond Santos
Rhamond Santos Před 6 dny
It's official now. They finally destroyed the franchise, man. You've got all the milk, now you want to suck the blood, my God.
Jagshe Před 5 dny
If you don’t like it then why you watching
Draw Withme
Draw Withme Před 7 dny
I thought it was shady’s back😂 if you know what I’m saying
nzonceu Před 7 dny
Xavier Před 7 dny
I hope that Nica comes back somehow. I loved her character Edit: She's coming back HEHEHEHEHEHE
James Christian
James Christian Před 6 dny
All will be reunited...like Cobra Kai.
Eyes of Snow Leopard
People please stop it, it's boring now
Movie Center
Movie Center Před 7 dny
Want to watch more ! cscamera.info/market/pWjbbrqFb5vbz6A/video
CainCrow Před 7 dny
This was supposed to be a continuation of the tv series. Last thing we need is the same damn story told a third time!!
Jagshe Před 6 dny
there was never a previous tv series to continue, plus, this is not the same story told s third time
Holy shit...
Philisity Villanueva
DreDre Kennedy2OO3
DreDre Kennedy2OO3 Před 7 dny
The same looking doll from the first 3 films👏🏽👍🏽
markangelo dioneza
markangelo dioneza Před 7 dny
its time to settle the matters ANDY
Anthony Dann
Anthony Dann Před 7 dny
I hope to god that the puppet work doesn't look cheap like they did in 'cult of chucky'
Faze defaultjr17
Faze defaultjr17 Před 7 dny
I’m surprised toy land is still in business since one of their stores got k.o. By voodoo lighting in child’s play 1 But it’s more modern with the shelf’s
Bet Nimrod
Bet Nimrod Před 13 hodinami
Yolanda McCrary
Yolanda McCrary Před 7 dny
Christian Před 7 dny
I’m glad they are bringing the Chucky Franchise back, the reboot of child play it was disappointed, but I am so exited for this Series
Nicole Testa
Nicole Testa Před 7 dny
Please no
Zerok La Zona Misterio y Horror
Oh my god! Chucky is coming back on TV Series! 😱
Matheus BR
Matheus BR Před 7 dny
Ei Algum brasileiro aqui ???
Pi K.
Pi K. Před 7 dny
Charles Lee Ray hasnt looked this good since the 90s.
Teather Productions Studios
Wow! Looks good
Eric Santana
Eric Santana Před 7 dny
There are some things in this world that we can put on the screen and they become successful but there are some things we should not remake especially a psychopath Soul inside a doll
Sebastian Před 7 dny
The Chucky Chain Saw Massacre is Star this year
The Shape
The Shape Před 7 dny
"Sorry kid, you got me, I'm baaad" 😈
آیناز ذوالفقاری
Is it movie or series?
M EZRRE Před 7 dny
Thats not Chucky its Jen Psaki.
stephan Gregory
stephan Gregory Před 7 dny
Don't f---k with the chuck..can not wait.. praying it will be coming to Australia
Ashley '
Ashley ' Před 7 dny
Lionel Eguizabal
Lionel Eguizabal Před 7 dny
luke skywalker plays chucky's voice usa network and syfy both channel i'm glad he's back the chucky series
king san
king san Před 7 dny
When I saw it for the first time I got scared
Lt. Cmdr. Data
Lt. Cmdr. Data Před 7 dny
Ok it seems like everyone is confused, so I will enlighten them. The recent "Child's Play" movie and THIS Chucky are two different things. Totally different directors, producers, and even concept. The movie was more of a re-imagining. THIS series is from the same director (and his crew) from the original movies that we all know and love. So fear not, people, we are in for a treat.
Brandon Heffron
Brandon Heffron Před 7 dny
I’m just scrolling down to read the negative comments of the child’s play 2019! I love that film because it’s a different recycling dons old screenwriting which is why I like it basically it’s still Don Mancini’s work Blood buddies
Cooper Minion
Cooper Minion Před 5 dny
True. In fact it's more accurate to the theme of the original screenplay: the doll being an extension of the boy's id (the deep subconscious we refuse to acknowledge aka the lizard brain)
Kendall Ross
Kendall Ross Před 7 dny
Shabi Lolo
Shabi Lolo Před 7 dny
Another one??
Paul Machowski
Paul Machowski Před 7 dny
Y was a 16-year old biological male child carrying a Chucky doll in the trailer? Little too old for that shite.
Antonio Cruz
Antonio Cruz Před 7 dny
Nah nobody’s too old to collect cool shit that can be worth money.
Hezek hoshea
Hezek hoshea Před 7 dny
It was probably for a school project on old dolls I think.
A. Ñeko
A. Ñeko Před 7 dny
This teaser was far better than that terrible remake from a few years ago.
EG Goku
EG Goku Před 3 dny
Are you talking about Child’s Play remake? Because if so than I liked that movie it was wayyy more scary than the First Movie of the series. Child’s Play 1 is better tho
BTS Před 7 dny
Julie D
Julie D Před 7 dny
Jason Wendigo
Jason Wendigo Před 7 dny
This teaser trailer looks better than the 2019 rip off version of Child's play. Brad Douriff is back
Jojo Siwa
Jojo Siwa Před 7 dny
Fr agreed
Lorenzo Smit
Lorenzo Smit Před 7 dny
While Mark Hamill was pretty good, there will only ever be one Chucky and that is Brad Douriff.
Jon Murphy
Jon Murphy Před 7 dny
Whoopdy Fuckin do... 😑🤦‍♂️💣 A PG-13 Chucky... Let that sink in... They are so Fuckin stupid this should have been a Netflix series or something else on another streaming platform...
Diamond Grant
Diamond Grant Před 7 dny
I'm going to see this I love chucky
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